Electrical Items

We are the Electrical suppliers in Qatar, provide you with all the necessary items that you need for completing your electricity related projects and we have a wide variety of electrical supplies in our catalogue. When you are buying electrical equipment, never compromise on second-hand goods, because you can never guarantee their quality. It is crucial to choose the right vendor for all your electrical supplies needs because nothing can replace trust and safety. When the vendor is good, you can buy whatever products you need, and be assured that they work uncompromisingly well.

It would be a great move if you are buying from an environmentally-responsible supplier because with the amount of plastic waste that’s been released every day, nothing can beat the importance of sustainability. And that’s not the only advantage, your products will consume less power, making it a favoured choice among many customers

Electrical supplies are meant to make your lives easier. With the right supplies, you can control the current flow to whatever appliance you need connected, so you can power them and use them according to your wish. There are a number of electrical materials in the market, and they are used to power whatever appliance you want connected. It is not possible to do correct installations without the right electrical materials. The electrical items will work perfectly well when the measurements are made correctly, when you have an experienced electrician doing the tasks and when you have the perfect tools for it. That’s why you need the services of the perfect Electrical suppliers in Qatar.

Types Of Electrical Supplies We Offer

Being one of the best and most reputed electrical suppliers in Qatar, One Touch has all kinds of electrical supplies for sale. Some of the products in our catalogue include Control Cables, Power Cables, Electrostatic Precipitator, Exhaust Fan, Cable Management System among many others. Our products are used in residences, commercial buildings and a wide variety of industrial applications where automated systems, instrumentation systems are used rampantly. These work perfectly well in places where extra high voltages are transmitted so they have fire-resistant over-sheaths for that added protection.

Our electrical supplies, systems and cables are manufactured to withstand pressure and high voltage so they are safe for use. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the different safety precautions that you must take when you work with electrical accessories and supplies. We have taken strict measures to test each product, and they meet safety standards. If you want to know anything more about our electrical supplies, the tolerance and voltage capacity, do get in touch with us, and we can help with your purchase.

Why choose us?

One of the core areas of a building’s safety and the safety of its occupants lie in the kind of electrical items used. If you are looking for the most trusted electrical suppliers in Qatar, you have come to the right place. We provide more than a list of products and their price list. We have the best products in the market, and provide only safe products that are completely free from faults. It is important to buy electrical products from a company that has earned a good reputation because safety is a vital parameter. Our long presence in the market has enabled us to understand the pulse of the market, and provide what our customers need.