While ONE TOUCH TRADING & SERVICES W.L.L have the access to all material manufacturer, it is company’s policy to procure materials from sources offering the best material in terms of specification and cost. It consequently also has long standing supply arrangements with manufacturer in EUROPE,UAE,INDIA, USA and many other countries. The company is familiar with the technical standards applying in EUROPE and USA.

Quality Assurance & Control

ONE TOUCH TRADING & SERVICES W.L.L issues internal procedures covering quality assurance and control for all orders, more often it is required to prepare a quality control manual specifically for a given project. The company has experience of quality procedures prepared in accordance with International Standards.

Order Execution

Time being the essence of all orders, ONETOUCH TRADING & SERVICES have developed over the last 13 years procedures appropriate to the planning and execution of orders. Following procedures are being followed at ONE TOUCH TRADING & SERVICES W.L.L to avoid delays in execution of orders

  • All orders are booked in a Order Register
  • Once booked in the Order Register, each order bears the Company’s Ref.No
  • Counter orders are placed to the manufacturer based on the order booked at the end of each day.
  • Each order placed on the manufacturer shall indicate the Company’s Ref.No., Item Description, Quantities,Agreed Rates, Delivery Schedule and Delivery Location.
  • After placement of order, expediting staff follows-up with the manufacturer for the timely delivery of goods
  • Once the materials are ready to be delivered, delivery notes and invoices bearing the Company’s Ref.No.are prepared and sent along-with the goods.
  • Weekly and monthly meeting between Marketing, Sales and Execution Team allows for the proper monitoring of performance by Management