The services offered by us are wide and varied. They can be broadly categorised as MEP, Industrial, Construction and Energy. It is with the help of a highly efficient infrastructure company that all the buildings and facilities that we see around us are possible. These facilities are important for the growth and empowerment of a nation, hence the quality of the materials used must never be compromised. The main aim is to make an impact on society and create value that can be cherished forever.

A stable infrastructure company will provide the seamless coordination of all the resources, human processes and other operational tools needed for the completion of a project. If you have a solid plan to build something, you need the right infrastructure to make it fruitful, and that’s where we provide our services.

When you hire infrastructure companies in Qatar, you don’t have to worry about anything but what you are trying to construct and create. Whatever it is that you are trying to build, it is important for the infrastructure to be perfect. The quality of material, the expertise of the workforce, the steady inflow of raw materials all make the project completion smooth and successful. When you have the right company to act as the partner, things can never go wrong. Other few benefits of infrastructure are flexibility, agility, application performance, faster development cycle, reliability and of course, top-class customer infrastructure. If you have a project in mind, you go to the right people to provide the perfect infrastructure.


MEP is short for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, and our company specialises in those areas. We provide electro-mechanical and plumbing products and solutions to several companies in various sectors. We focus on the highest quality, best service and quick delivery. We carry out major operations in Qatar and our aim is to make your projects successful and competent. With vast knowledge of MEP, we are equipped to handle projects of different sizes and complexities, thereby enabling us to provide perfect service in all the three areas


- Our team of experts are constantly checking out new and innovative ways by which we can give the best service to our clients, and offer maximum value for your investment. Being one of the best trading companies in Qatar, we are forging ahead by providing the best quality aluminium, brass, steel and other commodities needed by our customers.

AC Maintenance

Being an active player in the market, we can provide exceptional services in producing materials and supplies for AC Maintenance as well. We offer tailor-made, responsive and dependable services and even provide rich technical assistance, if the need arises.

One Touch has rightfully earned a market reputation through its carefully selected workforce, and the rich experience and value that stems from experience and rich management team.

Why choose us?

One Touch is committed to its clients, and through prompt delivery and honest services, we have evolved to become one of the best infrastructure companies in Qatar. We anticipate and meet the needs of our growing clientele, and at the same time, respect the culture and heritage of the areas that we are doing business in. We understand the changing business and infrastructure trends, and incorporate them in our services in order to provide complete service to our clients. We are committed to our clients and we aim to provide whatever they need for the completion of their project, every step of the way. With our help, you can complete projects sooner, and move on to the next one. We can help you minimise costs and maximise the use of resources. If you are looking for sustainable ways to design, operate and construct, that’s also us.