Plumbing Items

Need a revamp of your plumbing system? Or building a new home or office where you need excellent plumbing services? When it comes to plumbing material suppliers in Qatar, One Touch is the go-to destination for many. So what is plumbing, after all? It is the complete system that takes not only watery content, but other fluids across a building, and from building to building for a huge range of applications. So now you can discern just how important and perfect the plumbing system should be.

Why do we need plumbing?

You need the right kind of solutions when you need to move an uninterrupted supply of water somewhere or to transfer liquid contents to a sewer. This is where you need to get the best pipe fittings suppliers in Qatar. It is through the materials and accessories that they provide, will you be able to fit your buildings with uninterrupted plumbing systems. A proper plumbing system ensures that there are no leaks, bents or breaks in the system so the clean water flows in and the dirty water flows out smoothly. It is important for the system to carry on as smoothly as possible because one small issue is enough to ruin the day forever.

Why do we need plumbing?

One Touch strives to be one of the best plumbing material suppliers in Qatar, and so we aim to provide all kinds of plumbing items that our customers need. Here they are some of our main products:

  • Copper Pipe And Fittings - Copper is a great material for pipe fittings because they can handle hot and cold water. Their high-level heat transfer makes them the best for commercial buildings, hydraulic lines, and air conditioning systems. Hence, copper pipe fittings are mainly used with copper pipes.
  • PVC & PPR Pipes and Fittings - As plumbing material suppliers, we provide the best PVC & PPR pipes and fittings for our customers. PPR pipes or Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes are straight, rigid cylindrical pipes that have a wide variety of uses. They can be used to transfer hot and cold potable water, sanitary liquids, compressed air, aggressive chemicals, liquid food products, highly acidic and alkaline solutions. They are perfect for residential, industrial and public installations.
  • Hangers And Supports - Both of these are integral parts of the piping systems because they keep the system suspended in place. Pipe hangers carry the weight from above, while the pipe supports carry the weight from below, so they are meant to carry the full workload.
  • Brazing Rods - The rods are used in welding and are mainly used to join the metal pieces together. Brazing is used when two metals of the same kind are joined together.
  • Plumbing Valves - As plumbing material suppliers, you have different types of plumbing valves that can be used in residential and commercial buildings, water supply systems, chemical plants and wastewater treatments plants. Hence, there is a different assortment of valves each serving their own purpose. They will help control, direct and regulate water flow and so through this efficient system, you can open, close and partially obstruct the flow.

Why choose us?

One Touch has earned a solid reputation as one of the best plumbing material suppliers in Qatar. Our dedication to our clients has always enabled us to surpass their expectations by producing the best plumbing supplies at competitive rates. We have already earned a solid reputation for providing top-quality materials at competitive rates.  Our focus is to provide you with the best products integrated with the latest industry trends so our customers will have the best, whether it is for industrial building, residential or commercial complexes. Enjoy peace of mind with our products because once they are fitted and installed, you don't have to worry about the quality of the plumbing systems until it is time to replace them. We also replenish our stock from time to time, so you will never run out of any product that you might need.